From Rivers
To Rugged Mountains

From barge work in rivers and harbors to helicopter and drone work through the mountains, range, and drylands of the Northwest, we’ve expertly connected thousands of miles of power line through a vast range of terrain.

Our overhead and underground transmission teams skillfully construct, rebuild, and repair transmission infrastructure from 69kV to 500kV.

Lineman working on a transmission tower
transmission icon


Over two decades of experience inform the build out of high-performance de-energized and live-line solutions.

  • Structure/Tower Assembly and Erection
  • Complete O/H systems
  • New Construction
  • Line Rebuild & Reconductor
  • Access Roads & Line Clearance
  • Maintenance & Repair  
  • Live Line Maintenance
  • Deep Drilled Shafts
  • Concrete & Steel Foundations
Two excavatorsAn excavator
Two man measuring