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Power made here

We work to skillfully construct, efficiently manage, and provide our clients with the assurance that comes with capability and grit.

Over the last twenty years, we've built our reputation on it.

Our history points to where we're headed

From our beginnings as linemen in the 90s to the founding of Magnum Power in 2004, we've grown from two to 170+ employees with a 350+ fleet and four locations.

As the demands on power infrastructure and the people who manage them became more complex, our purpose became clear; multiply the power of our partners by delivering high-performance, low-pressure projects through good process, grit and professional service.

Today we're building partnerships, securing next-generation talent, and positioning ourselves for the future.

Our Stats.

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Qualified PUDs
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% Committed

These are some of the many faces you'll see on job sites, at team meetings or hear from on the other end of a call. These are some of the 170 strong that bring their best to our partners, their projects, and the communities we serve.

Dan Ritola

Dan Ritola

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Logan Bellikka

Logan Bellikka

Senior Project Manager
Torre Oberg

Torre Oberg

Lead Project Manager | HDD & Civil
Lason Homola

Lason Homola

General Superintendent
Anthony Ng

Anthony Ng

Project Manager | T&D
Alex Erickson

Alex Erickson

Project Manager | T&D
Leith Sarkinen

Leith Sarkinen

Estimator | HDD & Civil
Mark Merklin

Mark Merklin

Estimator | T&D
Jake Mallory

Jake Mallory

General Foreman | HDD & Civil
Scott Willis

Scott Willis

Resource Manager
Jenae Muonio

Jenae Muonio

Project Accountant
One of the best crews I have ever had in 13 years of crew guiding
aaron janisko
Construction Superintendent
Snohomish County PUD
The Basics

We actively recruit based on core principles and employ talent that’s looking to build long-term, rewarding careers in the trades, engineering, project and fleet management, mechanics, fabrication, health and safety, the environment, accounting and administration.

Consider working with or joining one of the most dependable power infrastructure companies in the Pacific Northwest.


Be Real

Be real with yourself and your team.

We work in good faith and act in the best interests of our partners, the communities we serve, and the well-being of each other.

It starts with having the integrity to say what we mean and mean what we say. It’s often with a little humor, occasionally it's with concern, but every time it’s with good intention.

  • Be real, reliable, and ready to do the right thing.
  • The strength of our reputation is built one person and one project at a time. You’re here because we believe in you and your ability to make it stronger.
  • Growth happens when you build people up or work a situation out. If you don’t understand someone or something, take the time to ask, listen, and learn.  

Have Grit

Lean in. Work safe, work smart.

We’re constructors, innovators, and safe operators. We lean into challenges, adapt, build solutions and shoulder the responsibility to succeed together.

As a team, we recognize that solving our customer’s problems is more than just fulfilling a contract—it’s about fulfilling a commitment to their success—and, in turn, our success.

  • We’ve worked through weather, schedules, a pandemic, and terrain that have shut others down. Grit is a shared strength. When needed, we’re ready.
  • Be safe. Always. Look out for your crew and commit to bringing them home safe, sound, and in good spirits.
  • Change is a given. The space between who you are today and who you are tomorrow is an opportunity to evolve. Take it on and adapt.


Excel, laugh a little, and enjoy the journey.

Our ambition to achieve excellence in planning, innovation, and performance is driven by the reality that we’re building today’s infrastructure to power tomorrow’s potential.

We strive to deliver solutions built on clear expectations, smart processes, and professional service.

  • We celebrate success together. Let's own it and pursue it together.
  • Embedding your best into everything we do is a tall order with a big impact. Build on it. It will be recognized and respected.
  • If you see an opportunity to lead, lead. If you see someone who can lead, follow. Keep an eye on your ego—we've all got one—and learn to do both.

Our comprehensive safety management program sets high standards for safe work practices and procedures and proactively coaches’ employees to analyze tasks, eliminate hazards and create the conditions for a safe work environment.

  • CPR Training
  • Safety Analysis and Risk Mitigation Meetings
  • Safety Observation
  • Equipment and Site Inspections
  • Routine Tool & Equipment Testing & Maintenance
  • Routine Employee Training

Magnum Power is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, a region known for the beauty of its coastline, its rainforest interior, rich watersheds, wildlife, and the spectacular geography of its mountains and mountain ranges.  

From early project planning through post-construction, our Health, Safety, and Environment team works with all project stakeholders to develop environmental plans for sensitive areas.  

Whether it’s sage grouse nests, spill control or countermeasures for waterways, our teams implement protocols to ensure high regulatory standards.

  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Land Preservation and Restoration
  • Dust Control
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Waste Management
  • Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure
  • Landowner Relations
  • Wildlife & Bird Habitat Protection



6024 N 10th St
Ridgefield, WA 98642
Three quarter view of truck



Project EngagEment

We combine the expertise of our PMs, in-house engineers, and construction teams with leading engineering firms and procurement companies to provide complete bid-build, design-bid-build, EPC, CMGC and P3 solutions.


Fleet Resources

Magnum Power owns and operates a fleet of over 350 vehicles and power line-focused equipment ranging from heavy-duty crew cab trucks to transport trucks, a full line of tracked machines, horizontal directional drillers, diggers, aerial devices, and complete wire stringing equipment set-ups and supporting equipment and tooling for major transmission work.


EngagEment History

We are pre-qualified with 20 plus PUDs and have standing relations and contract commitments with both Public and Private Utilities, REA’s, and Cooperatives that are built on our reputation for delivering on-budget, on-time projects with minimal environmental impact.


Licensing, Signatories & Registration

Magnum Power is licensed to work in the states of Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. It is a signatory contractor with IBEW Locals 125, 77, 659, 483, and 1547 and is registered with NAICS, D&B, D-U-N-S, CCR, DOT, and CAGE.